A Manifesto

By way of recognition that the power lies in me to change the course of history and that I am the source of what is manifested in my own life and my community, I hereby resolve …

TO CHECK MY OWN HEAD – Every day, I will come to a space to meditate – whether it is communing with nature or sitting in silence or the conscious re-directing of my mental energy – every morning, every day – I make time be alone. I’m going to check my own head so I know where I begin and end in the infinite nature of things.

TO NURTURE MY RELATIONSHIPS – Every day, I will consider other people in relation to myself. I am going to do my best to act with kindness and consideration. I will take in the stories of strangers. I will maintain solid connections with the people I most trust and love. I will consider those in my life who are most isolated and offer what I can to help them to become more integrated. I am going to take the time to demonstrate gratitude and affection and bear loving witness to the people who are my kin and those I have not yet met.

TO PROTECT THE EARTH – I will respect the source of essential life-giving nourishment, air, and water – the planet that supports life. I will make choices daily that contribute to the recovery of our damaged environment by walking, biking, gardening, consuming in mindful and moderate ways, by recognizing the impact of each decision I make, by direct action if necessary – in reciprocity – in INNI – to protect and nurture the environment for generations to come.

TO CREATE MORE THAN I DESTROY – I recognize destruction as an essential element of creation, and that sometimes it is essential to break down old structures to make way for new. When necessary, I burn wood, but I have resolved to create more than I destroy – by planting flowers and foods that attract butterflies and bees, by repairing instead of replacing, by choreographing beautiful movement and writing visionary fiction, by creating space that supports others in healthy living. I am a creative and I will continue to be part of the force that urges us toward beauty and bliss.

TO ACT IN MEANINGFUL WAYS – To the extent I am able, I will keep my body healthy, limiting consumption of processed foods and other intoxicants. I will keep my mind sharp so that as each opportunity to act arises, I act from a conscience and clear place. I will take responsibility for myself, but remain aware that there are some among us who are not bothered with a conscience and may even harm willingly. I am vigilant and ready to act on another person’s behalf or my own. I will avoid violence by all means necessary, but remain strong in mind and body to protect myself and others from those who may be acting from a place of hate, fear, or willful ignorance.

TO HAVE ENOUGH – I am resourceful. I am able to meet my needs. I am more and more likely to let go of what I have that is not necessary, especially if it can be put to better use by someone else in my community. I recognize greed, especially its influence on me. I counter greed with generosity or by other means, if necessary. Not only is there enough for me, but there is enough for everybody – and peace on earth becomes increasingly a possibility.

TO REFLECT – Every day I will use my skills of critical thinking to reflect on my position and the way in which my thoughts manifest as action. I will read and take in information. I will take in ideas of other people. I will observe what has happened in the world. I listen to my intuition. I ask for counsel of people I trust. I maintain a code of ethics – all grist for my mill of discernment. I will refine my thinking, my position, my actions as I develop new insights that arise from a deeper-seeded intelligence.